Reasons to use Illustration

I have been asked, on occasion, why a client should use original illustration on a project, rather than just go to a stock site to pick something available and cheap.

So, here is a Top 10 List to educate and enlighten you with some reasons regarding that question:

10.When you buy stock illustration, there is no guarantee that your competitor is not using the same image.

9. Hiring an illustrator means that you can prescribe the content for the image, rather than hoping you will find something “close” to what you want.

8. Although some people are worried that their client cannot afford custom illustration, there are many ways to tailor an image, its content, the usage, and the costs to fit the project.

7. Working with an illustrator is an opportunity to collaborate.

6. An illustrator brings their expertise and experience with their chosen medium and stylistic approach, which can take the Art Director’s idea further.

5. Hiring an illustrator means that you can depict things that don’t exist (yet), or alter things through retouching to showcase your product in its ideal representation.

4. Having a custom illustration created gives your client the opportunity to own exclusive rights and usage of the image.

3. You can have an original map created for your project that reflects the look of the collateral, highlights the amenities of the property, and would exist otherwise.

2. Illustration can be a visual problem solver through unique charts, graphs, infographics, maps, and imagery, which will engage the viewer beyond the text alone.

1. My artists would love to work with you!