"I've spent a couple of decades working with Kimberley on dozens of projects. Aside from her amazing taste in art which, is couple with a keen business acumen, she is also an incredibly nice person to deal with. That's pretty refreshing in a business where many people think more about themselves and less about the success of a project. And to say that she is a problem solver is an understatement - something anyone who hires her will quickly appreciate."
Roger Hurni, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Off Madison Ave

Kimberley Boege is an Artist’s Representative whose firm, Atelier Kimberley Boege, specializes in commercial illustration and photography. With a background in graphic design, illustration and fine art giving her the ability to see many aspects of the creative process, Kim has worked as a Rep for 28 years. She views each new project as an opportunity to help her clients solve design problems through interesting and effective illustration and photo styles to match to the client’s project needs.