"I've spent a couple of decades working with Kimberley on dozens of projects. Aside from her amazing taste in art which, is couple with a keen business acumen, she is also an incredibly nice person to deal with. That's pretty refreshing in a business where many people think more about themselves and less about the success of a project. And to say that she is a problem solver is an understatement - something anyone who hires her will quickly appreciate."
Roger Hurni, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Off Madison Ave

Meet Roberta Hancock

Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1958, Roberta Hancock has resided in Phoenix, Arizona, since early childhood. As a fine artist and illustrator, her colorful palette reflects the strong influence of the Southwestern and Mexican-American cultures.

Ms. Hancock has extensive professional experience in the fields of commercial art and advertising. After 12 years in the Graphic Art Industry, she has enjoyed another 15 years illustrating for numerous local and national publications. During this time, she has also pursued her fine art career.

Roberta creates her dramatic imagery in both oils and pastels. A reflective and wry humor is usually evident in her vibrant work. Using exaggerated perspective and raking shadows, absurdity often collides headlong with mediocrity wherein the common place marries the bizarre. There remains, however, a sense of familiarity, a bold simplicity that draws so many people to her work.