"I've spent a couple of decades working with Kimberley on dozens of projects. Aside from her amazing taste in art which, is couple with a keen business acumen, she is also an incredibly nice person to deal with. That's pretty refreshing in a business where many people think more about themselves and less about the success of a project. And to say that she is a problem solver is an understatement - something anyone who hires her will quickly appreciate."
Roger Hurni, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Off Madison Ave

Meet Matthew Foster

Matthew Foster is an illustrator with a love for nostalgia, while cultivating a modern aesthetic.  Trained at Art Center College of Design, he has 30 years of experience as an illustrator and designer.  He is inspired by nature’s inventions, foreign cultures and the quest for simplicity. He thinks the keys to creativity are curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery. Being a avid trail runner, he often finds answers while running to questions he didn’t realize he had.  One of Matt’s many creative strengths is his ability to build strong conceptual imagery in his illustrations.  His use of color, whether in a limited or unlimited capacity, also make his illustrations unique.  Born in Phoenix in 1958, he currently resides in Maui.